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About Us

boom boom tuck was founded by brothers Freddy and Charlie Gerard. The concept started out as nothing more than a saying.


“boom boom tuck”


Over the years we began to develop ideas for creating a multifunctional lifestyle brand that operates in a number of areas. Our first step in this process has led us here, with the creation of a series of authentic clothing collections that we hope represent a piece of our vision.


This vision of ours is one that we have manifested for the past several years. Now that it is finally coming to life, we couldn’t be happier to share this experience with all of you. Our hope is to spread a message that revolves around positive personal growth and unity. If there’s one thing that we have learned as brothers, it’s that there is no mountain too tall to climb if you’ve got someone standing by your side. We have been inspired to share our message that we all should never be afraid to be amazing at whatever our pursuits. As we grow as individuals we inspire and encourage those around us, which ultimately paves the way for stronger and healthier communities. Individuals from all backgrounds can identify with this pursuit of consistent growth and we hope to attract all who are striving for a better tomorrow.



  • Ohio State University Graduate

  • 4 years Division 1 College Hockey

  • 1 year Professional Hockey ECHL 2019-20

  • Former OpTic/FaZe



  • Minnesota State University Graduate

  • 4 years Division 1 College Hockey

  • Signed Professional Contract w/ Colorado Eagles AHL 2020

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